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Want to help your managers address their
day-to-day challenges
and support their developement?

Discover ManagementPlace,
a digital solution specially designed to provide managers
with relevant advice on the spot.

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“Manageris contributes to making our One Learning a Day ambition
more concrete for our managers. Its online resources which can be
used directly on the job are very appreciated.”

Thierry Bonetto, Group Learning & Development Director, Danone

These firms trust ManagementPlace to support their managers

Audioptic AG2R La Mondiale Air France Avril danone
HM Clause Michelin Orange total Vinci Construction

A proven success

70% of the managers
come and consult each
at least12 contents during the year
490 monthly visits
for each thousand managers registered
Why managers like it?
« ... The seriousness, the expertise, the high vantage point,
remote from the politically correct and from the "that should work" catalogue! »
Verbatim from a user survey

ManagementPlace, a digital support solution for managers


Facilitates action on the 50 main challenges encountered by managers


Concise and efficient content to meet the needs of time-pressed managers


Advice and suggested initiatives rooted in operational reality

An effective guide to gain perspective and take effective action
on 50 management challenges


Over 150 concise guidance sheets to help you gain a better grasp of
your goals and identify your own solutions

Aperçus des fiches

Support available at all times, on any device,
for effective assistance on the spot

Regular communication in the form of short, stimulating messages
to maintain interest over time

Communication examples

A fully customizable solution
(content, graphic charter, languages)
to fit your needs precisely

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